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Finally we feel the warmth of summer

Plant GuardOur new PlantGuard has been greeted with great success from the horticulture sector. It’s the way to give your plants the best chance of survival. They are easy-as to use, and are strong, eco friendly and recyclable. They are low cost, natural colour and maintenance free. Not only is the PlantGuard a natural protector it also creates a small eco climate for root and foliage growth.

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Spring Special with Egmont CommercialWe always have new products being developed so here’s a couple of our most popular newbees - and timely one’s coming into Spring. Our new garden sieves have just arrived (and are going out just as quick!) they are all solid metal, are lightweight for all day use and available in fashionable blue! We also have just released our new Holographic flash tape to keep the birds off your vege gardens & fruit trees.
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Jiffy 7 mini pots Jiffy 7 is a proven technology based on the container and media in one principle. Jiffy 7 pellets are used by growers around the globe for many different applications. Jiffy-7 offers growers quicker rooting due to the airpruning of roots which stimulates strong, fibrous root development within the plug. This can result in a decrease in crop cycles of up to 25% in addition to producing stronger, compact plants.
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