Automation solutions for your growing needs.

Potting Machine

Maximum smooth-running and precision. Ideal for all pot sizes. Perfectly central planting holes for optimum Planting quality. accessories include double drilling systems.

As the inventor of the potting machine, Mayer has been setting new standards in the green sector for over 50 years with innovative solutions for the automation of ornamental plants and tree nurseries. As a premium brand, Mayer develops, produces and distributes automation solutions worldwide for substrate preparation as well as for the filling and handling of pots and trays.

Mayer machines work perfectly 

with Teku/Poppelmann pots.

Egmont are the local experts in nursery 

automation solutions and are here 

to help with your growing needs.

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Potting Machine

Very flexible, ideal for pots and tree bags – suitable for all kinds of bare rooted plants, roses, trees & shrubs. High elevator chute, 1 or 2 filling stations, pot supports are turnable.

Soil Mixers

For accurate mixing of all common substrates and fertilisers. Simple filling of both pots and hopper. Many sizes and accessories such as automatic watering systems

Potting Machine