klasmann peat moss box

rhp logoWhy should I buy Klasmann Peat over other Brands?

Klasmann offer a wide range of world leading , high quality peat substrates ideal for New Zealand growing conditions.
Regain control of your growing situation and increase your productivity by using Klasmann Peat and substrates.

Because each bale of KLASMANN PEAT has...

  • High air capacity with maximum water capacity
  • Good drainage capacity
  • Easy to re-wet
  • Structural stability
  • Optimum ratio of plant available nutrients
  • Low risk of leaching
  • Optimum adjusted ph level if required.  
  • Free of plant pathogenic pests and diseases
  • Constant high quality

Because of this the Klasmann Peat will

  • Promote plant growth and quality
  • Decrease the amount of time needed until plants are saleable
  • Reduce production time while improving plant quality
  • Give the grower the highest crop security possible

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