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Now you can have peace of mind when keeping your weeds under control.

Available in 

20 Litre Concentrate

224 Litre COncentrate

1000 Litre COncentrate

WeedX and BeatAweed work well on broad leaf weeds such as dandelion and plantain mosses, lichens, liverwort, fungus, garden edges/borders, great on drive ways, paved areas, public sensitive areas such as parks, playgrounds and street sides. In the concentrated form it works well on small gorse and broom. They are totally natural, making use of Mother Nature’s Natural Acids – Acetic acid (Vinegar) and Citric acid (Lemon). It is safe, effective and fast acting. FULLY bio-degradable in soil, water and atmosphere. EPA approved.


100% Natural weed spray, Made in NZ

Available in  

750ml RTU

and 5 litre Refill